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P. W. GREGOR is a professional transport company operating in the industry since 1999. We transport liquids by tanker trucks and forwarding. Our extensive transport base is located in Kościerzyna (Poland), 50 km from Gdańsk.

Modern technological facilities guarantee fast and reliable deliveries. We have 45 trucks and tankers with a capacity of 29,000. up to 33 thousand liters. All cars have a GPS navigation system. Each goods transported by our company is insured.

GMP+B4 quality system certificate

Thanks to the professionalism and experience of P.W. Gregor provides his clients with optimal solutions. Continuous striving to improve the quality of services provided is confirmed by the GMP+B4 quality system certificate obtained by our company.

Why us?

We have a qualified team of drivers, technicians and engineers. The organization of transport is supervised by experienced forwarders with experience in transport.

👉 Flexible contracts
👉 Multilingual team of forwarders
👉 Domestic forwarding
👉 International forwarding
👉 Qualified drivers

A team of professionals

We entrust the transport of liquid products abroad to our experienced and highly specialized team of forwarders and drivers. They ensure timely and safe deliveries and are always in contact with our foreign partners, providing them with information about the whereabouts and condition of the cargo.

Your cargo is safe. All transported loads are insured by our company. Additionally, the entire fleet is equipped with GPS transmitters, thanks to which your loads are always under the watchful eye of our forwarders.


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A very decent, professional and honest company. I sincerely recommend it!


I recommend it, a very good company, the management treats employees with respect. Work in Europe, earnings adequate to the work performed. Personally, I am very pleased with the cooperation.


We have been cooperating for many years, great company, I recommend it!

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At PW Gregor, we will provide free transport estimates for our potential customers. Complete the simple form or contact us directly. We invite you to cooperate.

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